Jollibee Teases Dancing McDonald’s Crew, Takes Cute Poses as He Watched Across the Street

Jollibee and McDonald’s might be the strongest competitors in the fast food market of the Philippines but they also remain good friends. In fact, you would often see their stores located just across each other, with their respective mascots appearing to wave to each other from their respective stores.

Of course, you might say that this is clever marketing strategy for the companies but it is making a lot of people smile.

Photo credit: Facebook / Ghello Rola Duque

There had already been a number of times in the past when the two companies would do a dance showdown, especially during the opening day of the competitor’s store, often just across the street or corridor.

Netizen Ghello Rola Duque shared the video of what appears to be the opening day or anniversary of a McDonald’s outlet wherein the crew and some McDonald’s mascots were dancing. Since the Jollibee outlet is just across the street, as we have come to expect, Jollibee quickly made an appearance.

Photo credit: Facebook / Ghello Rola Duque

But because Jollibee didn’t have backup dancers at the time and he probably didn’t want to upstage the McDonald’s crew (they are also his friends, of course), he just waved from across the street and teased his friends.

A lot of netizens couldn’t help but laugh while Jollibee took poses on the pavement, pretending he was resting on the sofa and watching the dance on the TV screen. It was cute.

Photo credit: Facebook / Ghello Rola Duque

Of course, there were many who commented that Jollibee could have easily beaten the McDonald’s dance crew to a dance showdown but many just thought it was cute for him to just tease the group from a distance, without trying to steal the show.

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