Ina Raymundo’s Handsome Teenage Son Makes Waves on Social Media

At 42, it could not be denied that Ina Raymundo is one gorgeous mom – and her genes have surely been passed on to her children!

Recently, 14-year-old Jakob Poturnak, Ina’s only son, has gone viral for his charming good looks. Of course, this is not really something unexpected because his parents both look good but many netizens couldn’t help but comment on his photos, anyway, saying that he looks really handsome and that he’s bound to become such a heartbreaker soon.

Photo credit: Pilipino Scoop

At 14, Jakob might still be young but he already shows that he obviously takes after his parents, Ina and her husband, Canadian-Ukranian businessman Brian Poturnak.

Photo credit: Pilipino Scoop

It is obvious that this kid is bound to be the ‘crush ng bayan’ in school – and he has already gained a lot of fans online, but many teens are sure to get disappointed upon learning this young man has no plans (yet) of joining the showbiz industry.

Photo credit: Pilipino Scoop

He isn’t as ‘accessible’ as other handsome teens and idols because he doesn’t have an Instagram account. You can’t just follow his posts and ‘stalk’ his profile. Ouch.

But because Mommy Ina is so proud of her kids, just like all other moms of course, she posts photos of him and his 4 girl siblings, then you can still get yourself updated with Jakob’s latest endeavors through her social media pages.

Photo credit: Pilipino Scoop

What a darling!

Sources: Pilipino Scoop, RachFeed

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