Gretchen and Friends Face Bashers for Mocking a Netizen’s Letter

Actress Gretchen Barretto recently started doing charity several months ago by granting requests from netizens who send wishes to her Instagram account.

Together with her friends named Patty Pineda and Mimi Que, they choose which request will be prioritized and granted. However, despite her good intentions, Gretchen is now facing bashers after a video surfaced, showing Patty reading a message from a netizen and mocking the netizen’s wrong grammar.

Facebook user Harvey Canencia Balicog shared a series of photos, videos and screenshots of Gretchen and her friends mocking the letter sent by an Instagram user @jmula_ej.

Image from News Feed
Image from News Feed

Harvey’s post immediately went viral with over 23,000 reactions and 34,000 as of writing.

Obviously, netizens are not happy with what they did.

You don’t laugh, maybe the letter sender did not get any decent education but still they tried to communicate via the English language, this is not to be ridiculed but be understood with [utmost] compassion as they are in need of help,” netizen Karl Max Labanon said in the comments.

Screen grab from Harvey Canencia Balicog via Facebook

According to Inquirer, the letter sender admitted watching the live video and explained that she finds the video funny because she is Visayan; so, she understands that Gretchen and her friends find it hard to understand her letter. She also explained that she just wanted the milk for her mother but said that it’s okay.

“Thank you so much po Ms. Gretchen, Ms. Patty, and Ms. Mimi for granting my request. May GOD bless you a thousandfold. Salamat naman at natawa kayo sa letter ko. Laughter is the best medicine,” the letter sender said in an interview with Inquirer.

Image from News Feed

Gretchen Barreto, Mimi Que, and Patty Pineda haven’t commented on the issue yet.

What are your thoughts about this?

Source: Facebook / Harvey Canencia Balicog News Feed Inquirer

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