Good Karma: Guy Receives Unexpected Php90k Commission at Work after Returning Wallet with Php30k Inside

Do you believe in karma? Many of us think of karma as that bad thing or situation that happens to you after you did something bad or dishonest. While that is true, there is also a thing called good karma; the other one was simply bad karma. Good karma is that good thing or situation that happens to you after you did something good or honest.

It was karma that happened to a teacher who hails from Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental – and it was definitely good karma!

Last June 5, Alvin P. Balbon found a wallet with Php30,000 inside. Just like anyone else who might have found something of great value, he was a bit tempted to keep the money but his good side won. He quickly posted an announcement at a local FB marketplace group, New Bid for me! Anything that’s for Sale! much much BETTER!!!

He told the owner to PM him to claim the wallet; though the claimant would have to answer a question regarding the wallet and its contents to verify the claim. If no one comes forward in 24 hours, Alvin announced that he would turn this over to the police station.

Photo credit: Alvin P. Balbon / Facebook

Four days later, someone was able to verify ownership of the wallet and the money. The owner was very thankful that the wallet was returned because the money was for his child’s enrolment.

Just a day later, he was greatly rewarded for his honesty. Alvin received Php90,000 commission at a sideline job! Isn’t that incredible?

Instead of pocketing the Php30,000 he found, he returned it – and his reward was not just a fraction of the money he found but actually three times the amount! That’s definitely the perfect example of good karma!

Thanks to the good karma, Alvin was able to buy a new motorcycle and smartphone – and still had a lot of money to buy other things he wanted. So, do you believe in karma now? You should!

Source: Alvin P. Balbon / Facebook

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