Girl Brags about Hanging Out with Ex-BF While Boyfriend is at Work, Gets Mixed Reactions from Netizens

A girl has gone viral on Facebook after she posted a photo with a guy who turned out to be her ex-boyfriend. While there’s nothing wrong with hanging out with an ex, the post has received mixed reactions because she’s doing this while her current boyfriend is at work!

In the post, the girl honestly shared that she’s hanging out with her ex-boyfriend. Now, there have been a lot of exes who eventually become friends but if you still hang out with your ex while your guy is at work, it would surely raise a lot of eyebrows – especially if you caption your post that way!

What can you say about this?

Photo credit: Danified

Thousands of netizens had a lot to say about this post. In fact, it has received over 8k comments and 51k reactions. Many of the commenters slammed the girl for what she’s doing, telling her to get her priorities straight and to be honest to her boyfriend.

Of course, there were also many who took her side, writing that there’s nothing wrong with hanging out and being friends with an ex, especially if her boyfriend actually knows about what’s going on.