Friends Take Corals as the Souvenir for Their Getaway

Whenever we go out of town, we want something to remind us how amazing that trip had been. Usually, we buy memorabilia like T-Shirt, Refrigerator Magnets or Keychains but this group of friends had a different taste when it comes to souvenirs.

A photo of a group of friends holding corals had gone viral after a Facebook page posted their photo and educated netizens about the importance of corals in the ecosystem.

The photo was tagged in Vallehermoso, Negros Oriental.

It seems like the group of friends weren’t able to see the dolphins during dolphin watching and they just took the corals as their souvenirs.

Image from Project Alagalaan via Facebook

According to Project Alagaan. Corals are not rocks but are living organisms. In fact, these are able to eat, grow and reproduce. Coral reefs are beneficial to the fishes, tourism and can be a source of medical advances.

On the last part of the post, Project Alagalaan reminded people not to touch or step on the corals because it’s so sensitive that touching this can damage the coral’s tissue. Furthermore, if it breaks, the corals can take a long time to redevelop.

Moreover, they emphasized that it is important not to break the corals and take them home as souvenirs.

Screengrab from Project Alagaan via Facebook

The post immediately went viral with over 20,000 reactions and 17,000 shares.

Several netizens wanted the identity of the people on the photos to be revealed and hopefully ask the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) for them to be fined.

We do hope that no one should follow their steps. Sure, we all wanted to have the best vacation ever but for us to damage nature? I don’t think so. May this serve as a lesson to all of us and let’s create public awareness.

Source: Facebook / Project Alagalaan

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