Family Takes on Savings Challenge, Saves So Much Money It Filled the Beds

Can you imagine having so much money that it can fill your beds and you can literally lie on a bed of cash?

Well, one family was able to achieve that by saving up for one year – and their photos went viral on social media, gaining mixed reactions but mostly praise from netizens who were amazed at their achievement.

Abby Sarmiento Mendoza posted photos of their huge piggy bank as well as the money which was so many it filled two beds.

Photo credit: Abby Sarmiento Mendoza / Facebook

The piggy bank itself was already something unique. Instead of the usual pig or animal shape, it was a huge glass cuboid similar to that malls use to hold raffle tickets.

To encourage savings, the huge glass bank was decorated with their names and their savings goals, including an airplane for a trip and a house. What a great way to plan on saving money, right?

Photo credit: Abby Sarmiento Mendoza / Facebook

After a year of putting in as much money as they could spare, the family finally opened their piggy bank – and it was truly incredible to see that they were able to save so much money within just a year!

They did not post the total amount they were able to save but judging from the many Php1,000 bills ‘cluttering’ the bed, they were certainly able to come up with a substantial amount enough for a fantastic vacation or possibly down payment for a new house.

Photo credit: Abby Sarmiento Mendoza / Facebook

Isn’t this family inspiring? It would surely be nice to be rich enough to have this much money to spare but we can still start small and dream big for next year’s savings challenge…

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