Tired Of Your Loose Change? Exchange Your Mountains of Coins And Get a Premium From Robinson’s Department Store

A lot of people prefer using cash in paying for their purchases. Let’s face it: Credit cards are convenient but after a month or two, you might be shocked to see your bill after using it too much. Because of these cards’ convenience when you shop, they might urge you to buy more stuff, even if you don’t need them.

On the other hand, using cash in paying for your daily expenses can help you avoid impulse buying. However, you may accumulate a lot of coins in the process. Carrying a lot of coins with you may be convenient in paying for the toll and your exact purchases but what happens when you have mountains of loose change?

Last time, we reported about the rewards programs of selected Jollibee and McDonald’s stores whenever you exchange coins. By exchanging your coins to paper bills, you can receive a freebie in return. Some selected stores of Jollibee and McDonalds give you free food in exchange for your mountains of loose change.

Another netizen shared an additional way on how you can get rewards by exchanging the coins that you don’t need.

[Image Credit: Yoko Oshima / Facebook]
According to Pulalon Irene, exchanging your coins at Robinson’s Department Store will entitle you for their premium rates.

  • Get 5% premium for a minimum P100 worth of 1 peso coin exchanged. (Every P100 worth of 1 peso coins = P105)
  • Get 10% premium for a minimum P25 worth of 25 centavo coin exchanged. (Every P25 worth of .25 centavo coins = P27.50)
  • Get 10% premium for a minimum P10 worth of 5 and 10 centavo coins exchanged. (Every P10 worth of 5 & 10 centavo coins = P11)

Not only that, Watsons will also give you additional money for every coin you exchange.

  • 100 pieces of P5 coin = P25
  • 100 pieces of P1 = P5
  • 40 pieces of 0.25 coin = P0.50

Before you head to the nearest branch, make sure to give them a call and confirm whether they are giving these premiums since not all of them are providing these.

[Image Credit: Pulalon Irene / Facebook]
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Isn’t it exciting to receive something in return and get rid of your coins at the same time?

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