Employee Writes Note to the Person Who Stole Yakult

Petsa de Peligro is the Filipino term for “day of danger” in terms of money; it is commonly used during the period wherein your money is running low and it’s still days or weeks before payday.

Facebook page named Peso Sense shared a funny photo of a note written by an employee whose pack of Yakult was stolen by an unknown officemate and as a revenge, the owner wrote a note for the thief.

Screengrab: Peso Sense via Facebook

“Kung sino man po kumuha ng 1 pack na yakult na nasa Mark & Spencer paper bag, sana di sumakit ang tiyan mo, PHP 40 lang po yan. Pare-parehas tayo may work at sahod,” he wrote.

Looking at the date of the note, it’s only 4 days before the 30th day of the month which is the payday of most employees. So, it’s probably because of the petsa de peligro or the thief just mistakenly took the pack of Yakult. What do you think happened here?

Image: Peso Sense via Facebook

We all know that pantries in the offices have a common refrigerator wherein employees put their food and eat it during lunch break but that doesn’t mean that you will take what’s not yours, right?

However, in some instances, some employees commit honest mistakes wherein they mistakenly take the wrong Tupperware just like this facebook user John Benedict DC Tamon who shared his experience in the comment section.

Screengrab: Petsa de Peligro via Facebook

“Eh yung ka work mo na may dalang food para sa inyo ng pasko. Tapos dinescribe yung lalagyan. Tapos nung lunch niyo na kinain niyo, kasi natunton niyo na kung alin, natuwa pa kami kasi may kasamang salad. Pag dating nung kawork mo na nagdala. “san galing yung salad?” kala namin nagbibiro lang. Di pala talaga kasama yung salad hahahaha. Anliit kasi ng Tupperware tapos nakapatong pa sa Tupperware na dala ng kasama niyo. Buti mga 2 spoons palang nakain namin. Epic fail,” he said.

Did this so-called ‘petsa de peligro’ incident happen to you? What did you do after noticing that your food was stolen from your common ref?

Source: Facebook / Pesos Sense 

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