Do You Want To Reach Your Ideal Weight? Drinking Water Regularly Can Help You Lose Weight!

You have probably heard it more than once: drinking more water every day can help you stay healthier and lose more weight. In fact, 30 to 59 percent of adults in the US who are trying to lose weight increase their water intake.

Drinking water helps in boosting your metabolism, cleanses your body of waste, and acts as an appetite suppressant. Drinking water regularly also signals your body to stop retaining water, dropping those unwanted water weight.

Still not convinced? A netizen shared her own experience with losing weight with the help of water.

Losing Weight By Drinking Water Regularly

According to Luchie De Leon, drinking enough water every day helped her lose unwanted weight without the help of surgery, supplements, and even exercise. She also added that she tried a lot of food diet programs and jogged before but everything did not work for her.

The only method that works for her is this Water Therapy. She religiously followed the following steps to ensure that her body is healthy and shedding the unwanted water weight:

1. Drink at least two glasses of water before meals.

2. Drink water every time you’re hungry and wait for 10 minutes. If you’re still hungry by that time, it means you’re indeed hungry. Otherwise, it just means you’re thirsty. It is a mind trick out body sometimes play.

3. It would be better if you put some lemon in your water to detoxify your body. It’s more effective that way.

4. If you can, try adding ginger to the mix. It’s truly effective too.

[Image Credit: Luchie De Leon / Facebook]
If you feel bloated after drinking too much water, Luchie explained that you should not be afraid since she felt the same too. However, as she continued with the process, she started feeling good. You will also find yourself going to the restroom multiple times since your body is still adjusting.

Read Luchie’s journey here:

Have you tried this process? Do you think this will work for you? If you tried it, let us know! We’ll be happy to hear the results!

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