Customer Receives Bar of Soap instead of Lenovo Tablet from Online Store

These days, a lot of people find it more convenient to order stuff from online stores. After all, most online stores these days don’t even charge shipping fees if you reach a certain minimum purchase amount.

The downside to online shopping, however, is that there are sellers who don’t have qualms at sending wrong items to customers. There are also times when someone from the shipping company tries (sometimes successfully) to replace the items with something else.

In a post that has gone viral on Cyberworld Trending, someone bought a Lenovo tablet worth Php12,000 from Lazada, a popular online store in the Philippines. But when the item arrived, the customer thought something was off because the box appears to be too large for the tablet.

Photo credit: Cyberworld Trending / Facebook

The customers took a video of the unboxing, wanting to have some evidence just in case the item in the box is not what they were expecting.

True enough, it wasn’t! Inside the larger, ordinary box was a smaller box for the Lenovo tablet. The latter was placed in protective foam cushions but inside this smaller box was a bar of laundry soap instead of the gadget! Ouch.

According to the customer, she bought the tablet as gift for a child but was dismayed to discover that it contained soap, instead.

Photo credit: Cyberworld Trending / Facebook

But many netizens thought the video was faked and that the group had placed the bar of soap inside the box and rewrapped the box to make it appear that it arrived that way. After all, they seem to know what to expect inside the box and didn’t even appear shocked that the box had a bar of laundry soap!

If this happened to me, I would have gotten angry right away – I paid Php12,000 for this bar of soap! But the people in the video simply ‘accepted’ the package and commented rather nonchalantly that the box contained a bar of soap, not the tablet.

The Facebook post was angry, though; however, a lot of netizens believed this was just another video trying to discredit Lazada or someone trying to get a free tablet from the online store. Tsk. Tsk.

What do you think?

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