From a Belt Vendor to a Summa Cum Laude: New Graduate Proves That Determination Will Take You Somewhere

Education is important for Filipinos. However, not all of us are blessed to study without the need of working. Some had to become working students in order to finish their studies.

One of them is Raymart Reyes.

Raymart proved that with dedication, you can get a college diploma. Not only that — he finished with flying colors! As a summa cum laude to be exact.

[Image Credit: Denver Jardiolin Medina / Facebook]
Raymart’s story was shared by Denver Medina for the world to know how he was able to overcome poverty and turn his world upside down. Denver was present in the commencement exercises of ABE International Business College and witnessed the inspiring story of the working student. He took to Facebook to honor and share the inspiring story of Raymart.

Because of poverty, Raymart was forced to work at a young age. While others are taking their education for granted, he struggled to provide for himself. He had to leave his family in Quezon Province and moved to Manila. As a teenager, he spent his free time selling wallet and sinturon from Baclaran to Monumento. He had to walk by foot every single day to sell the goods. He didn’t let the scorching sun and the danger of walking every day just to earn and save money for his education.

[Image Credit: Denver Jardiolin Medina / Facebook]
When he earned enough, he went back to his family to study. But things were not easy for him. He also had to take a part-time job to make sure that he can pay the tuition fee every semester and for other school needs.

With his hard work and dedication, Raymart did not only earned a degree in Business Administration — he also finished as the class’ summa cum laude. With his achievement, he secured a better future not only for himself but also for his family.

[Image Credit: Denver Jardiolin Medina / Facebook]
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