Basurero Earns Praise after Daughter Graduates from College

Life is truly difficult these days, especially in the Philippines where majority of the people are living in poverty, with many even falling far below the poverty line; however, there are still many of these poor people who prove that poverty is not a hindrance to success.

One dad has proven that – and he has gotten viral recently over his touching story.

Photo credit: YouTube / GMA Public Affairs

Alas-tres pa lang ng umaga, namamasura na ang 51-anyos na si Tatay Cristito. Mahigit dalawang dekada na niya itong ginagawa hanggang sa nito lang Abril, napagtapos na niya ang anak sa kolehiyo!” GMA Public Affairs captioned a video that featured Tatay Cristito, a ‘basurero’ (garbage collector) who was able to send all his children to school; of these children recently graduated in college!

The poor but hardworking dad was proud of his daughter’s achievement, admitting that he was happy to see the fruit of his labor in all those years.

Tatay Cristito still has four more kids to send to college but this did not dampen his good mood at his daughter’s success, saying he is willing to do everything to send his children to college because poor as he is, education is the only thing he could ever give to them.

Meanwhile, Tatay Cristito’s daughter, Jenny Rose Quimado, was also quite proud of her hardworking dad. She never felt ashamed of his job as garbage collector, saying that it might not be the best or the grandest of jobs but it was a noble task and her dad is not doing anything wrong.

Photo credit: YouTube / GMA Public Affairs

‘Pag tinatanong, ‘Ano’ng trabaho ng tatay mo?’ (Ang isasagot niya) ‘Basurero.’ Hindi siya nahihiya,” Tatay Cristito said, wiping tears from his eyes.

While it was true that his wages as garbage collector were not enough to feed his five children and send them to school, the family has learned to cope with their situation. They often had no viand and the kids went to school on an empty stomach; sometimes, they would also borrow money from their classmates.

Thankfully, Jenny has graduated! Soon, we hope she finds a good job so she can now help lessen Tatay Cristito’s burden as he sends the rest of the kids to school.

Good luck to you all!

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