After Opening A Can Of Corned Beef, Netizen Found Small White Worms Inside

Because of its convenience, a lot of people are fond of eating canned goods. These food products are not only popular in the country, people from other countries all over the world also love eating them.

Different canned goods like luncheon meat, beef loaf, sausages, pork and beans, tuna, and corned beef are some of the most purchased food products on the market. They can be eaten at any time plus some of them are instant food and doesn’t need cooking anymore.

[Image Credit: U.S. Department of Agriculture / flickr]
Unfortunately, not everyone is a happy customer. A disappointed netizen has shared on what he found inside his newly purchased and opened can of a popular corned beef brand.

Like other inconvenienced consumers, he took his complaint to social media to let other people know about the contaminated canned good.

[Image Credit: Kenet Ochoa / Facebook]
Recently, a Facebook user named Kenet Ochoa has posted the photo of a popular corned beef brand which contained worms inside the can.

In the said photos he posted, it can be seen that the canned good contains tiny worms inside the can. The expiration, however, is due on March 7, 2021. Luckily, he was able to see the worms before he started cooking and feeding it to his family.

magluluto dapat ako ng ulam kaya kumuha ako sa tindahan namin ng dalawang lata ng argentina cornbeef. pag bukas ko ng isang lata nakita ko parang iba ata ng tignan ko mabuti may mga gumagalaw mga uod na maliliit na puti chineck ko ang expiration date malinaw naman na march 07 2021 pa ang expired pero bakit puro uod na , mabuti na lang at napansin agad kaya nkakatakot din pala kumain ng ganito na akala natin safe.

[Image Credit: Kenet Ochoa / Facebook]
According to Kenet, he already sent a message to the company to report the incident. However, he is yet to receive a response or feedback from their management team.

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What can you say about this? Do you always check the food you are eating or serving before consuming it?

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