Xander Ford Emotionally Bids Goodbye To His Ex-Girlfriend

Since his debut as Marlou Arizala with his dance group Hasht5, Xander Ford’s life has been followed by netizens. He’s been criticised by many social media users because of his looks and attitude. Even if he went under the knife to change his appearance and get better feedback from the public, Xander Ford still received negative feedback from many.

After his much-awaited revelation, Xander became active doing mall shows and tours. However, in the middle of promotions, he was reported missing. He quickly dismissed it by releasing a video telling everyone that he just wants a break from showbiz because of his busy schedule.

[Image Credit: Marlou Arizala / Facebook]
But early this year, the social media star became a hot topic again after he posted a photo of himself together with his rumored girlfriend named Reah Zyne Tulfo. Xander Ford even wrote a caption saying that he’s very happy and he believes that they are meant to be.

Since then, the couple’s sweet photos started to circulate on social media. They confirmed their relationship after the internet sensation posted a photo of himself on Instagram while holding blue balloons and a big Stitch stuffed toy while looking at his girlfriend, who’s holding a blue bouquet.

[Image Credit: Marlou Arizala / Facebook]
But as they said, there is no forever.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Xander narrates what happened during his last meeting with his now ex-girlfriend. According to Xander, there are people who are against their relationship. Although he’s willing to fight for their love, his girlfriend would not. For the last time, he is only hoping for her to be happy and that he still loves her until now.

The post is complete with a photo of Xander on his knees.

[Image Credit: Marlou Arizala / Facebook]
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