Woman Purchases a Discounted Hotel Voucher, Only To Find Out That It’s A Scam

Summer in the country is often associated with beach trips and out of town activities. However, some of us who are working in different companies are not blessed with unlimited vacation leaves.

But that does not mean that you will not enjoy staying in Metro Manila. When you are stuck in the Metro, there are many hotels that offer luxurious accommodations and beautiful swimming pools that will help make you feel as if you are away from the city.

One of the top hotels in the country is Sofitel Philippines. Just by hearing the name, you already know that the place is quite expensive. Normally, spending a night will cost you P11,000. But thanks to vouchers and discount codes, you may cut a portion of the price for you and your family and friends to have a luxurious staycation.

But just a word of warning: Be careful when dealing with people who are selling vouchers or gift certificates. While some of them are real, there are also others who are just after your money.

Unfortunately, a social media user named Rezalyn fell victim in one of this modus. For what she thought is a valid transaction, after making the purchase, the suspect immediately blocked her on Facebook.

To warn other netizens from falling victim, she shared her story in a Travel Group.

According to Rezalyn, the suspect named JM posted about a hotel accommodation in Sofitel and he is selling it for a low price. Since the voucher can be transferred under her name, she decided to ask for a copy first before paying for the purchase, which the suspect immediately sent.

[Image Credit: Rezalyn Centeno Ang / Facebook]
After seeing that the voucher is now under her name, she asked for the person’s bank account. However, he said that he doesn’t have any bank account and only accepts payments via 7-11 or Paymaya.

Since 7-11 is near her place, she paid using the service.

[Image Credit: Rezalyn Centeno Ang / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Rezalyn Centeno Ang / Facebook]
After some time, she received another email that the credit card used to book the accommodation is invalid. She also tried to send JM a message only to find out that she was blocked.

[Image Credit: Rezalyn Centeno Ang / Facebook]
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Let’s be extra careful. Don’t purchase tickets or vouchers, even if there’s an email confirmation. If the person is asking for payments via cellphone, think twice.

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