Unique Agreement Between Friends: Pledging P10,000 Every Time Someone is Getting Married

There are a lot of reasons why you should learn how to save money. People need to start saving for their retirement. If you want to buy a house or a car for your family, that is something you should save up for too. Plus, the college education of your child should be planned ahead of time.

The least you can do to avoid unavoidable circumstances and be prepared for any emergency is to crop up for the future. That way, you can avoid being in debt. Reverse the trend of working hard to pay for your past expenses or the debt you incurred in your life. Instead, you should start working to pay for the expenses that you are planning to make in the future. This is what saving money is all about.

In many cases, learning how to save your money means changing some of the habits that you are used to. This may be harder than what you think. You need to tap into the external factors that can aid you in turning a new leaf. This is where friends can help you.

A Facebook user shares the unbelievable pact he made with his friends in the PESO Sense Savers group. According to LC Mejias Acain, he was drinking with his college friends when they made an agreement that every time someone in their group will be getting married, each of them will give P10,000 each.

[Image Credit: Jun Acullador / flickr]
He narrates that one of his friends will be getting married next month where he will be the best man and the rest will be groomsmen. Since he will attend as the best man, he will pitch additional P5,000.

To pay for the agreed amount with his friends, LC started to collect coins. He placed the coin in a long coin bank so he will not spend it on unnecessary things and will just focus on his goal. When he opened the coin bank that he’s keeping for a year, he was surprised to see P20,000 pesos inside.

Will he go to the bank and exchange it to paper bills? According to LC, he will not! He will give all the coins to his friend as a sign of his dedication to saving money for his pledge.

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Do you also find this agreement funny yet amazing? Talk about dedication!