Traveler Recalls Their Scary Encounter With Thieves in a Transient House in Pangasinan

Your hotel is a great start of your travel. It is your home away from home. However, there are times when you think you’re not the only living guest in your room. It might sound and look like a new setting for a new Halloween movie, but it is also a sure sign that you should always be aware and beware of the living spaces for unwelcoming guests.

Can you imagine encountering not a ghost but thieves in your hotel room? This is what traveler Ann and her companions experienced in a hotel bar and restaurant in Alaminos, Pangasinan.

[Image Credit: Ann Salas / Facebook]

Traumatic Encounter With Thieves

Ann described the experience as crazy and traumatic. They stayed in a transient house named Sweet Honey Hotel Bar and Restaurant in Alaminos. Upon arriving at the place, she already found the place a bit creepy but decided to just ignore her instincts.

They were given a room with beds next to the window. They were complacent that nothing will happen since there were grills on the window. Since the door cannot be locked, they just decided to place the bed next to the door to make sure that everybody will be safe while sleeping.

[Image Credit: Ann Salas / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Ann Salas / Facebook]
Before sleeping, their friend and her boyfriend checked everything: from the door, windows, and even the bathroom. She and her boyfriend put their things on top of the table while their important belongs were left charging near the room’s door and the others were next to the bed.

However, the things that they are fearing to happen came true: thieves targeted their belongings.

[Image Credit: Ann Salas / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Ann Salas / Facebook]
Someone destroyed the door and reached for her friend, Ian’s, phone. The other accomplice also used a long bamboo stick with a sharp end to pierce the bag of Ann’s boyfriend. Luckily, they did not get other things from them, except Ian’s phone.

Ann also overheard from the transient house’s staff that this is not the first time that guests were targeted by thieves. She also received a message from the Pangasinan Tourism Office that the place is one of the city’s condemned buildings or accommodations and should no longer be operating. They were also wondering why the tour operator chooses the place.

[Image Credit: Ann Salas / Facebook]

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Posted by Ann Salas on Saturday, April 28, 2018

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