Thrifty Mother Shares How She Got P700 Worth of School Supplies For FREE

It’s school time all over again! We’re pretty sure that many parents are excited to see their children going to school. Some first-timers already bought their children’s school supplies as early as February while there are some who are still choosing the best schools for their kids.

Let’s face it: sending your children to school can be very exciting but it can be expensive too. Some parents are choosing to send their children to public schools where they can get a quality education too without paying high tuition fees. There are also some who cannot afford to buy their children new school stuff every school year.

A thrifty nanay shared her tipid tips to the Facebook group Peso Sense Savers Group which saved her P700 and the headache of budgeting their family’s money this coming school year.

[Image Credit: MheAnn Xandrei Decena Aguilando / Facebook]
Mother MheAnn Xandrei Decena Aguilando recalls how she regrets losing her SM Prestige Card which holds a lot of points from her previous transactions. She also lost hope that she will ever use the points again.

While thinking about her lost card, she remembered that BDO sent her a Rewards Card. She totally forgot about the card since she’s always using her Advantage Card. MheAnn started looking for the card, hoping that she will still be able to use it and luckily, she found it.

At first, she thought that it only contains a few points but upon going to the mall, she was surprised to know that she can still use its points which is equivalent to more than P700 pesos. The Customer Service team was able to transfer the points from her lost card to her current card.

Even if her child’s classes will start this July, she was able to use the points to buy his school supplies. Instead of allotting some money from their family budget, she was able to save P700.

[Image Credit: MheAnn Xandrei Decena Aguilando / Facebook]

Knowing how expensive the items now, P700 can go a long way, right?

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How about you? Do you have any tips to share so we can save more money?

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