Teen Mom Slammed for ‘Biggest Mistake’, Expresses Pride in Her Son’s Achievements

In the Philippines, you can expect to get bashed and be called ‘malandi’ (a scandalous, flirtatious woman) if you get pregnant out of wedlock, especially if you are a teenager! But what right do these people have in ******* these teenage moms, anyway?

One teenage mom shared the struggles brought by her pregnancy at such a young age and how she feels happy and proud of the choices she made now that she has a wonderful family, with her ‘wrong choice’ turning out to be a smart little boy!

Photo credit: Facebook / Lhen Rustria

Lhen Rustria told Kami that she got pregnant at 16, obviously out of wedlock. At the time, she was already a graduating high school student and held a lot of promise as a smart young lady. But the pregnancy made her quit school, not because of the many hurtful things she heard from judgmental people but because it was a sensitive pregnancy.

Photo credit: Facebook / Lhen Rustria

For fear that she might lose the child to miscarriage, Lhen quit school and focused on her baby. Her parents were not happy with what happened but they eventually accepted her situation. Sad to say, the child’s father abandoned her and their son.

Photo credit: Facebook / Lhen Rustria

But Lhen did not let this ‘mistake’ define her life. Yes, people told her she made the wrong choice and having the child was a huge mistake but from the moment she set his eyes on him, she felt that he was a big blessing, not a big mistake.

Photo credit: Facebook / Lhen Rustria

Moving forward, she met another guy with whom she had another kid. A lot of people might be gossiping behind her back but Lhen is happy with her family, especially when her son graduated with plenty of awards and honors.

Hindi lang basta ggraduate… Dahil isa sya sa pinakamahusay sa klase… Napakarami nyang award at sobrang proud ma proud ako sa kanya…. Wala na atang mas sasaya pa sa isang magulang na nakitang may naaachieve ang kanyang anak,” she proudly declared.

Sa mga oras na naglalakad sya sa entablado at tumatanggap ng mga award…ako na ata ang pinakaswerteng tao… Sobrang blessed ako sa buhay na pinili ko.

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