Stranger helps a little girl calm down on a flight, heartwarming moment captured on camera

  • Wesley Thomas was recently travelling with his niece in a flight to Tampa when she started to make a fuss and an unexpected moment took place
  • Twitter user Wesley Thomas posted  photos along with a tweet describing the heartwarming moment

A kind gesture from a stranger on flight to Tampa has gone viral.

Often, people are not very understanding when a child throws a tantrum and they tend to snub the child or the parents. But a stranger aboard a Spirit airline who noticed a two-year-old fussing while flying, decided to do something different.

The uncle of the little girl, Wesley Thomas, who was traveling with her, took to social media to share the heartwarming story

Thomas posted in his Twitter account some photos, along with a tweet describing the heartwarming moment.

“On route to Tampa, and this man noticed my niece starting to fuss. He turned to what we thought would be a scolding, but says ‘would she like to draw?’ He pulls out a tablet from the overhead bin and hands it to her. “I have 4 daughters,” he said. Y’all, look at his face. ”

Since being posted last May 19, the tweet has collected over 369,000 likes and nearly 93,000 retweets – and still counting.

The story melted many hearts and some could even relate to the kindness story.

“I really just love to be around genuinely kind people. and I really appreciate it when I see genuine kindness in older people, i admire the fact that ugliness in the world didn’t get to their hearts & it gives me hope…”

“Flying back from China with my oldest daughter (15 months @ time), she started to SCREAM the second we boarded. I was lucky, this inexperienced dad had every mom, dad, grandma on that plane offering help, toys, cookies, a ped RN checking her temp. The kindness of strangers.”


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