Store Refused to Write “Cum” On a Cake for a Teen Who Graduated “Summa Cum Laude”

Can you still remember your graduation? Graduation is so much more than just having a ceremonial walk across a stage. It is a once-in-a-lifetime event that deserves to be celebrated.

For some families, they celebrate it by having a grand vacation abroad while for some, a small party at home with all the members of the gang is a great way to commemorate the special event.

This is the same way a family in South Carolina planned to celebrate their new high school graduate. However, it turned out different from what they expected.

18-year-old Jacob Koscinskis from Charleston, South Carolina recently graduated from a Christian homeschooling program with flying honors. He finished with an outstanding GPA of 4.79! To commemorate this special event and his achievement in school, his mother, Cara, organized a big graduation party on a Saturday to follow the school association’s ceremony.

To complete the event, she visited the website of her local Publix supermarket and placed an order for a special graduation-themed cake which cost her $70.

Everything was going smoothly: they have the design in mind already together with the dedication but there’s one problem that almost ruined the event: the online ordering system of Publix didn’t like the word “cum” on their cake. Cum, as in “summa cum laude.”

When Cara tried completing the form online, the word was replaced with a dash by the system. So she left a message containing special instructions and explaining the phrase.

The system is mistaking the word ‘cum’ for something inappropriate vs. Latin.

Image Credit: Cara Koscinski/ Facebook

The proud mother thought that everything is working as planned but when her husband picked up the cake on the day of celebration, the word “cum” has been censored again: This time, not on the system but on the cake itself.

We stared at the cake and it was shocking. We had no idea it was going to say dot dot dot.

The newly graduate also had to explain the meaning behind the “dot dot dot” to his 70-year-old grandmother.

I tried to break down what the word meant and she was open-mouthed the entire time. I had this humiliated look on my face. It was a really funny experience to have.

To solve the problem, Cara called the store where they got the cake from and spoke with the manager. However, the manager also didn’t understand the Latin meaning of the word.

Cara shared the cake drama on Facebook and it went viral instantly. After the cake became a hit, the Koscinski received a full refund from Publix. They were also left a funny memory that they will surely remember over the years.

We’re Christian homeschoolers, but we’re not stupid. We think it’s funny.

Image Credit: Cara Koscinski/ Facebook

The funny cake also became a big hit in the graduation party. Nobody from Jacob’s friends would want to eat the dedication part and wanted to save them. They also crowded the cake and snapped photos.

What’s the funniest graduation story that you have? If you’re in the Koscinski’s shoes, what do you think you will do?

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