Social Media Users Criticise a Young Man Over Modus Operandi Towards a Food Cart Employee

Because of social media, we see and read a lot of news and reports about people performing different types of modus operandi just to earn money in an instant. There are several budul-budol tactics while there are others who steal openly in public.

However, this new modus operandi which was caught on camera is gaining buzz on social media now. Not only because of the tactic used by the culprit but because he is a young man.

A young man who attempted to scam a fast food employee receives online criticisms from social media users because of the modus he performed towards a poor crew.

[Image Credit: John Emerson Maximo Sarmiento Page / Facebook]
Recently, a video footage showing a man in his early 20’s, together with his girlfriend, bought P100 worth of flavored fries from a very popular food cart.

The young man, who was later identified as John Emerson Maximo Sarmiento, paid a P1000 bill to the fast food staff. The crew gave him P900 change. But that did not stop there.

In the video footage, it can be seen that John Emerson secretly pocketed the P500 bill. After that, he complained to the poor crew that he was only given P400 change.

[Image Credit: John Emerson Maximo Sarmiento Page / Facebook]
Knowing that she gave an exact change, the staff insisted that she gave him a total of P900. To prove her claims, she showed the inventory report to the young man.

After seeing the viral video, many users expressed their anger towards the young man. Some pointed out that if some money is missing from the inventory, the amount will be deducted from the staff’s salary. Some also corrected the young man after he posted the video himself and said:

Dahil sa video na to nasira pangalan ko. Pati pamilya ko nasasaktan sa mga nangyayari sakin.. ano masaya na ba kayo??? Ikalat nyo pa… Mga matitino kc kayo enoh.

Watch the video here:

What can you say about this video? If you are the young man’s parent, how would you apprehend him for his actions?

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