Pizza or Bread? Frustrated Customer Posts a Photo of Her Order For Everyone to See

Filipinos are known for our love for eating good food. From handpicking vegetables and ingredients for homemade cooking to choosing the restaurant for an ultimate dining experience.

One of the staple food in the country is pizza. There are several pizza places not only in Metro Manila but in the whole Philippines. Thanks to the growing and dynamic business, we can choose from the long list of restaurants and pizza flavors that we fancy. Plus, if you’re too busy or lazy to go out of your house, you can just call the restaurant, place your order, and receive the box of treat after an hour. After all, who would say no to a cheesy, meaty, and stuffed crust pizza, right?

Pizza or Bread?

Unfortunately, not all customers are happy clients. A Facebook user named Kiely shares her disappointing experience after getting her order for a personal size pizza in a famous pizza restaurant in the country. She thought she saved a lot after purchasing the promo, but was surprised to see the quality of her orders.

In a Facebook post, Kiely shares a photo from the restaurant’s advertisement as well as the order that she received straight from the kitchen. To cool down her anger and frustrations after receiving her order, Kiely jokingly said:

Muntik na maging pizza yung order ko.

[Image Credit: Kiely Shaye Tolentino Fernandez / Facebook]
Kiely also added that the two orders of the personal size pizza arrived with the same quality: they both are full of crust. Being a person who doesn’t like eating pizza crust, she chooses not to eat her orders. She also did not opt to return it to the crew and just gave it to her pet dog.

Read the story here:

I've never been so disappointed in my life, Pizza Hut…… MUNTIK NA MAGING PIZZA YUNG ORDER KO ☹️…

Posted by Kiely Shaye Tolentino Fernandez on Tuesday, May 8, 2018


We also felt sad after seeing the pizza. If you are in Kiely’s shoes, what will you do? Are you going to get angry and get your money’s worth or will you just choose to let it go?

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