Photo of the Current Transportation Situation in Iloilo Shows the Sad Reality of a Nurse’s Life

One of the most common methods of transportation in the country is riding a jeepney. It is cheap and convenient but often times, it is either trapped in traffic jams or loaded with too many passengers.

Because of the worsening traffic scenario in the Philippines, it is more difficult for commuters to ride a public utility vehicle every day: Roads are congested, there are too many passengers, and add to the fact that there are some drivers who are asking for a higher fare.

A concerned netizen shared a horrible situation of the transportation in Iloilo, which forced a female nurse to sit on the jeepney’s floor just to come home.

[Image Credit: Gil Francis / Facebook]
A Facebook user named Gil Francis uploaded a photo and a video showing the horrible situation of the public transportation in Iloilo.

The video and the photo show how the poor female nurse sits on the jeepney’s floor just for her to find a way to go home. We all know how exhausting the life of a nurse is. After a long day in the hospital, they are faced with another dreaded situation: how to go home.

[Image Credit: Gil Francis / Facebook]
Gil expressed his sympathy for the poor nurse. As we all know, all public health nurses in the country are sometimes underpaid or worse, working without any salary at all.

This just shows the sad reality that many nurses in the country had to face. After studying for four years, undergoing on-the-job training in faraway places, and preparing for their board exams, they have to work for more than 12 hours just to survive the typical nurse life in the country.

[Image Credit: Gil Francis / Facebook]
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What can you say about this? The next time you see a nurse, please thank that person. A small gesture can go a long way, especially to people who are risking their own lives just to extend the lives of others.

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