Philippine Historical Landmarks and Monuments Being Vandalized, Forgotten, and Disrespected

The Philippines is known as a democratic country. People have the freedom to speak, share their thoughts, and do what we want.

However, despite to the freedom of speech given to us, we should learn how to limit our actions and respect one another. Even if everything is permissible, not everything is considered beneficial. Philippine historical landmarks and monuments also deserve to be treated properly and respected by people because of its significance.

Rizal Monument
[Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons]
There are several Philippine historical landmarks and monuments that were vandalized, rotten, and left to be forgotten by some Filipinos.

The country has a long history when it comes to gaining freedom. From the Spanish Era to the times when the country is under the Japanese regime, our heroes fought a long battle to ensure that the next generation can enjoy freedom. To commemorate our heroes, we have landmarks and monuments to remind everyone about their sacrifices.

[Image Credit: Philippine Shocking History / Facebook]
Recently, the Philippine Shocking History Facebook page shared some photos of historical landmarks and monuments that were vandalized by people. In the said photos, we can see that these historical markers were disrespected by inappropriate acts and vandalism, some of which came from protesters. There are also homeless sleeping next to the landmark and using it as a form of shelter.

[Image Credit: Philippine Shocking History / Facebook]
These landmarks and monuments were made during the early 1900’s and have a significant meaning to the country’s history. Most of them symbolize the country’s fight to gain freedom for the whole country.

[Image Credit: Philippine Shocking History / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Philippine Shocking History / Facebook]
Upon seeing the said disrespect through vandalism, social media users cannot help but share their frustrations and anger. Some of them suggested for the government to strengthen the security so nobody can go near the said markers while there are others who think that Filipinos should learn more about discipline.

See the photos here:

Ang Monumento ni Mabini Tinaehan nalang

Posted by Philippine Shocking History on Wednesday, May 9, 2018


What can you say about this? What do you think we should do to avoid these kinds of situation?

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