Old Couple Goes Viral: They Are Still Working Together Even At the Age of 82 and 76

To love and be loved by someone in return is already a dream come true. However, staying in love is a bit tougher.

We hear and read a lot of love stories which ended in tragedy after someone falls out of love and choose to stay away. But an old couple proved that if love is indeed true, it will survive everything.

For 50 years, this viral couple stood through the test of time. They proved that a lasting relationship is achievable. After all, a relationship that will last until the end is the real goal of most people, right?

[Image Credit: Rappler / Youtube]
This couple, who are both still working hard despite their age, crosses social media platforms and is making many people smile and dream of their soulmates too. They make us realize that true love indeed exists and they are the ultimate relationship goals.

82-year-old Rene is a jeepney driver and operates along the stretch of Lopez Avenue in Los Baños, Laguna. He goes to the UPLB campus and with his side during his travels is his wife, 76-year-old Linda who is in charge of giving change to the passengers.

Ako naman ay naaawa na siya lang ang namamasada. Biruin mo naman, ako ay nasa bahay, tapos siya ay nag-gaganyan doon…. Eh hindi ako papayag. Paano kapag may mangyari sa kanya habang namamasada.

[Image Credit: Rappler / Youtube]
You might be wondering: they are already in the age of retirement but why are they still working until now? They are still helping in sending their four grandchildren to school, two of which are in college. This is the reason why they need to work hard. They are giving them an allowance and supporting their daily expenses.

Staying together is the real goal of any relationships. It does not matter wherever you go. It is being together until the old days and sticking with each other even during the toughest times.

Watch the touching love story of Rene and Linda here:


What is love for you? Do you also agree that true love really exists?

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