Not a Modus: Road Accident Between a Lamborghini and Motorcycle Caught On Camera

Nowadays, one of the major causes of traffic problems in the country is road accident. There are many road accidents that happen not only in Metro Manila but all over the Philippines.

Lately, many motorists are lacking the proper knowledge and discipline of driving along the road, resulting in many road accidents. But this particular incident, which recently caught the attention of many people, is cumbersome. The road accident between a yellow Lamborghini and a motorcycle caught on camera just means that the road is not always safe.

[Image Credit: Ariahs Jarilla / Facebook]
Recently, a social media user named Ariahs Jarilla shared a video footage showing the road accident between a yellow Lamborghini and a motorcycle.

In the said viral video, it can be seen that the video uploader was riding a motorcycle and was happily filming the luxury cars on the road. She was introducing a yellow Lamborghini which is slowly traveling along the street.

[Image Credit: Ariahs Jarilla / Facebook]
However, after a few moments, the Lamborghini started moving a little faster. It accidentally side swept another motorcycle which nearly blocked the car’s lane.

[Image Credit: Ariahs Jarilla / Facebook]
Upon seeing the video, many netizens jumped into conclusion that the motorcycle riders purposely hit the luxury car as a new modus operandi. Some are pointing out that the supercar is in the right lane and that the motorist struck the car to seek damage payments.

According to the video uploader, the owner of the Lamborghini clarified that it was indeed an accident and that the motorists did not intend to ask for payment for damages. The owner also verified that the person driving the supercar during the time of the incident was their mechanic.

Watch the video here:


This just shows that traffic accidents can happen anytime, anywhere you are. We need to be always alert and careful when driving.

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