No Funds for Campaign Materials, Barangay Kagawad Candidate Writes Her Own Tarpaulins

As the barangay elections in the Philippines draw near, candidates are busy campaigning to win the votes of their ka-barangays. Once again, we are greeted with campaign posters convincing us to vote for a certain person running for either a barangay chairman or kagawad position. Aside from posters, there are also leaflets and flyers handed out so that voters are aware that these candidates are running for such position.

However, Yolanda Lariosa, a barangay kagawad candidate from Patag, Cagayan de Oro City, does not have the money to produce campaign posters and other materials. Instead, she just wrote down her name on a white paper telling neighbors to vote for her as one of their barangay kagawads.

Afterwards, she posted these paper on clotheslines all by herself, as shown in photos which recently went viral online. One netizen also posted an image of her leaflet, which was actually torn paper from a notebook with her name written on it.

Image from Walwal’s Facebook Page

A netizen who hails from the same place where she resides said that Nanay Yolanda has done a lot of good things in their place despite her age.

Image from Walwal’s Facebook Page

Netizens praised Yolanda for her dedication and resourcefulness that some even offered to send her tarpaulin and other materials to help with her campaign. Some even went to her place and helped her post her campaign posters.

Meanwhile, there are also those who expressed concern that despite her dedication, Nanay Yolanda might not win because some voters only support those who have money and influence.

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