New Parents Express Dismay after Priest Conducts Baptism While Wearing ‘Summer Outfit’

Baptism or christening is one important milestone in the lives of Christian children. Parents often consider this as a big event, almost as big (or perhaps even bigger) than the child’s first birthday party.

Most parents host a party, inviting their family and friends to this wonderful moment when the child is officially welcomed into the Christian world.

While you can’t expect the church to decorate the place for the event, parents do have some expectations when it comes to the ceremony – like having the priest conduct the christening in appropriate outfit, of course!

Photo credit: Facebook / Pilipino Star Ngayon

On the Facebook page of Pilipino Star Ngayon, photos of a child baptism were shared after the new parents expressed dismay over the priest’s rather inappropriate outfit.

Hindi kasi kami na-inform na pwede summer outfit, pinaghandaan pa naman namin ang aming mga pormahan,” the parents told the news outlet.

While the parents did not reveal the name of the church or where the christening took place, a lot of netizens slammed the unnamed priest for his actions.

After all, it wouldn’t take several minutes to change into an outfit appropriate for the moment, right? While we can excuse a guest, perhaps, for wearing a similar outfit, there’s no question that this is not something that a priest should be using during ceremonies in church.

Photo credit: Facebook / Pilipino Star Ngayon

While the black slacks were acceptable, the red muscle shirt and yellowish brown bedroom slippers ruined any attempt of solemnity that he might have wanted to portray when he wore the priest’s stole (a vestment worn around the neck).

Of course, no one would have noticed his inner outfit if he wore a gown but he should still have done something about this, including the slippers.

Was the priest in a hurry to conduct the christening? Probably. But this does not give him any excuse to appear in ‘summer outfit’ that’s really just a tad better than house clothes! Tsk. Tsk.

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