Netizen Shows His Dismay On a Company’s Job Requirements

After graduating from the university, one of the challenges is finding a new job. While there are many newly graduates who are lucky and skilled enough to find employment from the company where they had their on-the-job training, there are also some who are more challenged when it comes to looking for a job.

Apart from the internet, there are many companies who are posting their available positions outside of their offices using tarpaulins. This way, people can easily read which positions are available for taking.

However, there is an advertisement that caught the attention of a netizen. This showcases the reality of finding a job.

Facebook user Deo Michael Rivera Llamas shares a photo from one of the companies who is looking for new employees. At first, it might seem like a normal advertisement but looking closely, you can easily see the big difference. The company is accepting applicants who are 25 years old and above but the person needs to have 10 years experience.

Why would you expect and require so much of your applicants? Some entry-level jobs would require experience but how can they get experience if they cant even get a job because of said requirement.

The netizen also reiterated that the millennial generation is now the most educated yet underpaid generation. He also wanted to point out how hard it is to land a dream job because of the very steep requirements of some companies.

Netizens Agree

Meanwhile, many netizens agree with the viral post. One of them shared that there is a food stall company who requires applicants to hold a four-year degree course in HRM for their crew position.

Some users also said that one of the reasons why people are choosing to work abroad is because of the sky-high requirements that many companies impose. Due to the lack of job in the country, people are forced to seek better employment opportunities abroad.

See the photo here:

What can you say about this? Do you agree that companies should at least lower their requirements when it comes to looking for new employees?

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