Netizen Shares How You Can Get a Piso Hotdog From a Convenience Store

What is your favorite snack of the day? Do you enjoy a good old hamburger or do you love eating halo-halo in the middle of summer?

Filipinos love eating snacks. Whenever we feel hungry in the middle of two meals, we often grab the nearest bread, cake or hamburger. This is why a lot of convenience stores in the country are selling hotdogs, siopao, and other quick and easy to prepare food.

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Unfortunately, for those who are on a budget, it can be hard to enjoy snacks from convenience stores on a daily basis. Hotdogs and siopao range from 30 to 40 pesos, which is good enough to buy a decent meal from a carinderia. However, there are times when these snacks give you a feeling of satisfaction, especially when you’re craving for it.

Luckily, a netizen shared her tipid tips on how you can score a 7-Eleven Big Bite Hotdog for only P1. Yes, just only P1.

[Image Credit: Apple Mañalac / Facebook]
According to Apple Mañalac, she was able to buy a Big Bite Hotdog at 7-Eleven for only P1. Not only that, she also paired it with Anlene Chocolate for only P10 instead of its regular price of P37.

[Image Credit: Apple Mañalac / Facebook]
The process is quite easy. To avail a P1 Big Bite at 7-Eleven, yo just need to download the CLIQQ app from Playstore or Apple Store, log in using your mobile number or Facebook account and choose from the different promotions that they have. In claiming the Big Bite Hotdog promo, enter the code PISOHTDOG while for the City Blends Coffee, enter PISOKAPE.

[Image Credit: Apple Mañalac / Facebook]
You can only claim 1 piece of Big Bite Hotdog per account. Once the transaction is successful, you will receive a text message from 7-Eleven.

But you should hurry! This promo is only available until May 25 for the hotdog and May 28 for the coffee!

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Receiving treats can always make your day. Enjoy your piso items!

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