Netizen Shares How a Good Samaritan Helped Fix Her Flat Tire Without Expecting Anything in Return

With the different tactics and modus of people and syndicates in the country, we cannot blame other people if they cannot easily trust others. Many people are afraid of falling victim and losing their possessions due to people who they thought are there to help them.

Do you often ask yourself: Are there still Good Samaritans in the country today? Yes, there are! A social media user proved that Good Samaritans still exist!

In a lengthy Facebook post, Shawi Cortez shared how a Good Samaritan did not think twice about helping fix her car’s flat tire. According to her, she’s already 500 meters away from the hotel where she left to attend a friend’s wedding when someone signaled that she has a flat tire. At first, she thought that it’s a scam connected to what’s posted on the internet so she still waited to confirm whether her tire’s flat before checking.

After confirming the truth, she immediately drove a bit slower than usual and parked in a safe place while uttering silent prayers for help. However, luck was not on her side this time: Her sisters don’t know what to do, her father’s not answering, and a gas station charges P800 to fix the tire.

[Image Credit: Shawi Cortez / Facebook]
While talking to her brother-in-law, who’s giving her instructions on what to do, a man in a motorcycle stopped and asked her if she needed help. He lifted the car using the jack, took the spare tire out, and changed the flat tire.

After the tire was changed, he extended his hand for a handshake and assured Shawi that she can now drive home safely. As a sign of gratitude, she tried giving him money to which he immediately said NO to. According to him, he is also a motorist and understands that we need help from others sometimes.

I got back inside the car with tears welling up my eyes.
Please Help me honor this man. I cannot find his account on Facebook but if you share, hopefully, his good heart will be known by a lot of people and be inspired to randomly help strangers.
Thank You Mr. Castañeda. May there be more helpful people like you.
Thank You, God, for making me feel loved and taken care of.

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There are still many Good Samaritan. Thank you Mr. Castañeda for making us feel that the world is still a good place because of your good heart.

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