Netizen Shares a Fast Food Employee’s Poor Working Condition

One of the most challenging jobs that you can take is being a service crew. Not only do you serve in customer service, you are also subjected to 24/7 schedules and split rest days, depending on your company’s needs. Unfortunately, some service crews are experiencing so much worse.

A concern netizen shared a poor fast-food employee’s working condition. This crew worked for nearly 48 hours straight.

[Image Credit: Alexandra Craig Yulo / Facebook]
Facebook user Alexandra Craig Yulo shared the terrible working condition of a burger company crew.

According to Alexandra, she was forced to walk since there’s no public utility driver who wants to take her home. Along the way, she bought truffle fries at Potato Corner to appease her feelings.

While waiting for her fries, she accidentally heard the conversation between the Potato Corner staff and the employee of the burger stall. Upon listening to the talk, the burger company service crew revealed that she will be working for another 48 hours if her reliever will not report on duty to replace her.

According to the crew, this is not the first time that she had longer working hours because there is no one to replace her. She even experienced working for 100 hours straight.

[Image Credit: Alexandra Craig Yulo / Facebook]
On top of that, the worker allegedly said that the company is only paying P350 for eight hours of duty and that overtime pay is optional only: It is up to the company whether they will pay the overtime fee or not. Although not all branches of the burger company have this kind of treatment to their employees, it is still alarming, knowing that someone is subjected to long hours of work with no overtime pay.

Alexandra also reminded everyone to always remember how blessed we are with our work.

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