Netizen Reveals the Difference Between Fake and Original Flavored Cubes in the Market

Filipinos love food. We enjoy different viands and different snacks. As much as we love a variety of fried delicacies, we also cannot forget the wonderful taste of viands with soup.

If you are not an expert in cooking, there are different ways to make your dishes tasting great: By using fresh ingredients and of course, different seasonings.

One of the popular seasonings in the country is flavored cubes. They make the soup taste as if you boiled pork, chicken or beef for several hours. It is a technique used by mothers to create sumptuous dishes quickly.

[Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons]
Because of its popularity, these flavored cubes cannot escape being copied by crooks for their own gain. A concerned netizen revealed how you can spot these fake items.

According to Apple Mañalac, she is fond of cooking food with soup and she’s always using this seasoning. Since she is always using this ingredient, she knows how it tastes and smell, especially the Chicken flavor. Compared with the other flavors, it is yellow-green in color and you can easily distinguish it from its color.

[Image Credit: Apple Mañalac / Facebook]
Recently, she bought the cubes from a wet market along with the other ingredients to cook Tinola. When she’s already cooking, she noticed that the cubes are different from usual.

According to Apple, here are the different characteristics of the fake items:

  • It’s brown in color.
  • It has a sandy texture and it’s easy to crumble
  • It has a different smell.
  • It has an unconventional packaging and longer than the original.

[Image Credit: Apple Mañalac / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Apple Mañalac / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Apple Mañalac / Facebook]
The concerned netizen wants other people to be more vigilant and aware when buying these items. We are not sure of what will be the effects on you and your family if you’ll digest the ingredients from these products.

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It’s better to be safe than to be sorry. Please check all the items you are buying thoroughly before paying.

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