Netizen Recalls the New Modus in Smartphone Stores: Receiving Dummy Phones in Plastic Bags

Nowadays, thieves and robbers have different types of modus operandi that they use in performing their crimes. While some steal your belongings in front of you, there is also the popular “akyat bahay gang” who enters your house during the night.

Unfortunately, there is a new modus operandi of an alleged “budol budol gang” member who is scamming his target victims inside smartphone stores. Everything was caught on CCTV.

After reviewing the footage, the authorities are now warning the public to be more vigilant and alert with their surroundings to avoid falling victim with these various schemes.

[Image Credit: Sabig Pomperada Ryan / Facebook]

New Modus Operandi

A concerned Facebook user named Sabir Pomperada Ryan shared the footage involving the new modus operandi of a suspicious man to scam and steal from his victim. According to Ryan, he was about to buy a new smartphone at the Cherry Mobile Store in SM Bacolod when a certain man offered his OPPO Smartphone for only P2,300.

And you know how the budol budol gang works: they hypnotize their victims for a few minutes to perform their evil ways. Ryan fell victim to this modus.

Budol Budol
[Image Credit: Sabig Pomperada Ryan / Facebook]
After receiving the amount of P2,300, the suspect placed the phone in his pocket and picked a dummy phone. He then put the said phone in a plastic bag and gave it to the victim.

The victim thought that what he has is the original OPPO phone from the suspect. He was not able to check the contents of the plastic bag since his friend passed by. While talking to his friend, he checked the phone and realized that he was victimized. The suspect is nowhere to be found.

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Alert!!!! budol budol sa SM, bibili kmi sana ng cp sa cherry store sa SM bacolod kaninang mga 3:20 ng hapon, habang…

Posted by Sabig Pomperada Ryan on Monday, April 30, 2018


This serves a lesson for all of us. Even if an item is very cheap, it does not mean that you are saving a lot. Most of the time, if it is too cheap, it’s either broken or fake.

Please take time when buying items, especially if they are pricey ones.

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