Netizen Asks a Bookstore To Remove Their Back-to-School Display After Getting Scared

One of the most popular and visited places in the country especially during school season is a bookstore. When we talk about bookstores, the first place that will come to your mind is National Bookstore.

National Bookstore attracts hundreds to thousands of customers every day. They sell everything that you can think about when it comes to school supplies: books, office supplies, pens, and paper that are useful both for students and even office workers.

Like other businesses, the popular bookstore also has its own gimmicks when it comes to displaying their products to attract customers.

However, a concerned citizen is currently asking National Bookstore to remove a creepy display that one of their branches used to endorse their product. This item could scare customers.

Facebook user Christian Jose uploaded a photo of one of the displays in National Bookstore. He is asking the retail store to remove the said display as it might scare customers, especially children.

In the said photo, a headless and armless mannequin of a kid was wearing a school uniform complete with a bag, shoes, and socks. According to Christian, he almost had a heart attack after seeing the mannequin and surprising himself.

[Image Credit: Christian Jose / Facebook]
Upon seeing the said post, many netizens got angry. Not because they are mad at Christian or National Bookstore but because they got scared as well after seeing the creepy display. Some even used hugot lines to describe their reactions upon seeing it.

Maria Ysabel Patron: “Ginawa daw yan ng NB dahil alam nila yung pakiramdam ng hindi napapansin HAHAHAHAHA okeh kornik”

Jamaica Echaveria: “Nakaka inis. Pati ako nagulat.. Partida picture palang yan hahahaha kaasar”

Honey Mallen Turqueza: “ Dear christian. Dapat di mo na pinost! Ako di eh! Bisit! Nakakatakot tol!

Jannais Pabiton Gregonia: “ Nag i scroll down ako sabay picture agad nakita ko. Kung hindi ko binasa yung caption, s*** talaga! Hahahahahahaha.”

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What can you say about this? Were you surprised after seeing the display too?

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