MMDA Responds to a Woman’s Tweet After Posting About Her Boyfriend’s Gesture of Love

What is the best thing that your husband, boyfriend or partner did for you? Buying your dream make-up collection? Paying for your one week vacation in Japan? Or treating you to a date overlooking the city? There are a number of ways on how our loved ones can show their love and appreciation to us and for sure, we are deeply touched.

However, no matter how touching the actions can be, if it’s done illegally, do you think it’s worth the shot? You might feel very happy today but your happiness might be gone tomorrow.

We witness a lot of young couples trying to show to the world that they are #relationshipgoals. However, this social media user learned that breaking the law is not as romantic as what they want it to be.

A naive woman got more than what she wished for when she proudly shared her boyfriend’s traffic violation on social media. She posted about her partner breaking the traffic rules and regulations just to pick her up.

[Image Credit: Michael Kristian Deocareza / Facebook]
In what she thought was a gesture of love, the post she shared via social media went viral — but for all the wrong reasons. She boasted about her boyfriend’s questionable actions which earned different reactions from what she is hoping for.

Instead of feeling jealous or happy for the couple, many netizens got annoyed that she is proud for causing trouble and breaking the law. Another Twitter user under the name adrianevanj29 retweeted the post and even tagged MMDA.

To the surprise of many, MMDA responded to the post: They acknowledged the incident!

[Image Credit: Michael Kristian Deocareza / Facebook]
Can you imagine what will happen if you are driving along EDSA and MMDA is on your trail? That might happen to this young couple. For what they thought is a sweet gesture might send them to jail.

This is a lesson for everyone: Not everything should be shared on social media.

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