Maxene posts throwback photo with their ‘fluffy Omelette’ Elmo

Meet the Magalona Family’s “fluffy Omelette”.

On Instagram, actress Maxene Magalona posted a throwback photo of her with brother Elmo Magalona; the other half of the popular love team Elnella.

“Happy birthday to our fluffy Omelette @elmomagalona!” she captioned the photo she posted.

A lot of social media users commented on the post.

“Fluffy omelette, so cute,” commented @jhunez2003.

“Cute baby boy grew to a good looking man,” said @cecile_fangirl.

“Awww. Super lovely sibling post. You both look cute and adorable @maxenemagalona, @elmomagalona. Thank you for loving and supporting #ElNella and for being a supportive ‘ate’ to Elmo. We love you po,” @elnellay expressed.

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