Kind Customer Buys an Old and Exhausted Traffic Enforcer a Meal

To help control and manage the flow of traffic along the streets, traffic enforcers are hired by the local government. They are tasked to prevent vehicular accidents and to avoid road congestions.

Managing the flow of traffic can be a difficult and tedious task for traffic enforcers, especially when they are exposed to heavy rain, thirst, and hunger. Since it is summer in the country again, they are subjected to the extreme heat of the sun and the risks of heat stroke. Still, they are performing their responsibilities to the best of their abilities.

When you pass by a traffic enforcer, have you checked whether they are doing good or not? Have you paid any attention whether they are hungry, thirsty or tired?

A fast-food chain customer showed an act of kindness towards an old traffic enforcer who is tired and exhausted from his shift.

[Image Credit: KAMI / Facebook]
Recently, Facebook page Kami.PH shared how a customer showed an act of kindness towards an older traffic enforcer. The said person saw the enforcer, who is already on his 50’s or 60’s while managing the traffic outside the restaurant.

After a few moments, he sits down at the gutter and looked tired and thirsty.

The kind-hearted customer decided to buy another meal, not for herself but for the tired enforcer. After offering him the meal, the exhausted public servant refused to eat because he doesn’t have any money to spare.

[Image Credit: KAMI / Facebook]
When the Good Samaritan said that she bought it especially for him, he teared up in joy because of her kindness. Even the customer was surprised at how happy she felt after helping the person in need. According to her, he doesn’t want the same situation to happen to her father or any other elderly. She also urged other people to respect others.

After reading the story, many people cannot help but laud the kind customer.


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What can you say about this? Isn’t it great to read a story about other people helping those in need?

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