Husband Takes Wife’s Responsibility, Praises All Mothers Because Motherhood is a Tough Job

Being a mother is one tough responsibility. You will take care of your family 24/7 and that doesn’t stop there. You sacrifice everything for the well-being of your family, even your own happiness. Being a mother doesn’t stop if you’re sleeping or taking a rest.

However, there are some instances that fathers would take mothers’ responsibilities.

Taking an example of Omni & Bryce, Filipino Youtube Vloggers who recently shared their story online and how Bryce looks up to all mothers out there when he himself got a chance to experience how to be a mother.

Image: Omni & Bryce via Facebook

Bryce reminisced that 8 months ago, he quit his corporate job not only to take care of his kids but to build their video blogging career; it was the same time their house helper left them.

Last January, his wife Omni gave birth to their youngest one and while she’s on her maternity leave, she helps Bryce to do some chores or look after the kids. At that time, everything was smooth sailing. Bryce recalled that he still knew what ‘rest’ means. They can still upload regularly on their channel and attend different bloggers’ events.

However, everything changed when his wife returned to work last month and their mother needed to return to the province because their father was hospitalized. Basically, he needed to do household chores while taking care of their kids all by himself which was hard because their youngest is still adjusting and preferred to be cuddled all the time.

Image: Omni & Bryce via Facebook

“Hindi ko inisip na aabot sa ganito,” he wrote.

He would balance everything out from taking care of their three kids to doing household chores with a clingy baby on a baby carrier. The best message that he would receive from his wife is “Pauwi na ko, love” not only because his wife would be with them but also he will have someone to help him watch the kids.

Image: Omni & Bryce via Facebook

As soon as his wife gets home, everything was already set – their food and the kids. Though there are times that they needed to cook more or eat takeaway food, the most important thing is they were able to pull off another day.

“Advance HAPPY MOTHERS’ DAY nga pala sa lahat ng mga Nanay! Ang hirap po ng ginagawa ninyo. Saludo!” Bryce ended his post.


Screengrab from Omni & Bryce via Facebook
Screenshot from Omni & Bryce via Facebook
Screenshot from Omni & Bryce via Facebook

Maintaining a household is not an easy task but with the cooperation of everyone, everything will be accomplished. Congratulations to this family!

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