Honest Pedicab Driver Returns Smartphone To Its Rightful Owner

Due to poor life and lack of money, it is rare to see honest people who are returning lost valuables as well as high-cost items to their original owners. Instead of doing good deeds, we often read stories of people stealing from others just to earn money.

However, a Filipino pedicab driver proved that there are still trustworthy and loyal people who would choose to do something right for others, despite the evil things happening in the world.

An honest pedicab driver proved that there are still many honest people in the world after he returned the cell phone left by his passenger.

Recently, the Facebook page named Pagbabago Network shared how a pedicab driver named Kuya Rolly Cristobal returned the lost smartphone to its owner.

After riding Kuya Rolly’s pedicab in Divisoria to head to Sta. Cruz, Manila, the passenger noticed that his smartphone has gone missing. In an attempt to recover his phone, he returned to Divisoria and asked the other pedicab drivers whoever found his lost phone. However, none of them could tell who did.

In the country, if you lost a smartphone or even a cheap gadget, it can be really hard to have it back.

But 30 minutes after trying to find the lost phone, a pedicab driver arrived and returned it back to the owner.

Alam kong babalik ka Sir, kaya dito kita hinintay sabay abot sa akin ng cp ko.
Ako’y natatakot po sa karma kaya di ko po pag iinteresan to.

This is a really heartwarming story. With all the bad things happening in life now, Kuya Rolly is a proof that there are still many good people in the world.

Read the story here:

If you feel that there is nothing positive that will happen to your life, Kuya Rolly just showed that the world is still a better place.

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