Filipina Household Helper Walks Barefoot on Broken Glass to Save Toddler

Superheroes have their superpowers to help and save other people. This Filipina needs no superpower—as her sheer strength of character, quick thinking, and selflessness are enough to help her save someone in need.

A netizen named Peirong from Singapore shared on Facebook a ‘frightening but touching’ story of how a Filipino helper named Sheryl saved her toddler from an accident which took place at her sister’s house, where the Filipina is working.

According to the post, Peirong’s son went to the bathroom to pee accompanied by their helper, Jena. While the helper was flushing the toilet, the toddler forcibly pulled the sliding door causing the glass door to shatter on top of him.

The floor was covered with thousands of tiny glass shards. With blood streaming down his face, the toddler wanted to step out of the bathroom, unaware of what might happen to him if he takes even a small step. Sheryl shouted at the boy so he won’t make that step and told Jena, who was in a state of shock, to lift him up.

Image by PeiRong ‘nohsslw

Without thinking twice, Sheryl walked inside the toilet with no shoes or slippers on and carried the boy out. Peirong said that Sheryl could have hurt herself and her bravery and selflessness completely touched her.

After the accident, they immediately went to KKH emergency ward for a check-up. Fortunately, the boy only suffered minor cuts on his head while Jena and Sheryl were both unharmed.

Peirong was grateful for Sheryl’s quick thinking and selfless act that saved her son from injuring himself. She further described Sheryl as a remarkable person who always put others before herself.

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