Female Netizen Shares How Her Determination Helped Her Lose Weight

Losing weight can be very difficult, especially if you don’t have the discipline to maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise. For many women, no matter how many times they try to shed the excess pounds and remove the weight they gained, nothing seems to work.

So how do you think you can motivate yourself from doing something, even if you always end up failing?

[Image Credit: Angel Raighn Flores / Facebook]
For a female social media user named Angel Flores, she believed that she can get to her desired weight so she did not stop working. At first, she thought that it will be impossible for her not to stop being overweight but luckily, she believed and was very determined and never gave up.

According to Angel, as soon as she sees delicious food, the thoughts of dieting always go out of the window. She felt sad every time her attempts did not work out, especially since her family is all-out supporting her.

Sobrang supportive ng family ko saakin everytime na nag aattempt akong mag diet noon, yoga matt, dumbells, yoga ball, jumping rope, treadmill, twister ganon. Naiipon dahil everytime na sasabihin kong diet na ako nag papabili ako ng mga ganyan hahahaha tapos yun nga bibiguin ko nanaman sila.

[Image Credit: Angel Raighn Flores / Facebook]
It even reached to the point when Angel had to hide inside her house to avoid contact with other people. She felt that her weight was the topic of every conversation and was very uncomfortable.

Until one night, nakita ko yung transformation post ni Abigail Galang Rebong then niyaya ko yung kaibigan kong mag gym. Nag gym ako ng 1 month then tinigil ko din tapos diet nalang talaga.

[Image Credit: Angel Raighn Flores / Facebook]
Her secret? No rice and no meat. She also stopped eating fried foods.

With her dedication and hard work, she is now confident with her new slim body.

[Image Credit: Angel Raighn Flores / Facebook]
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Isn’t this story inspiring? This can apply not only to losing weight but also to other challenges in life. Never lose hope!

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