During The Opening of a Famous Supermarket in Pasig City, People Ate Different Food and Items Without Paying

There is surely a time in your life when you cringed while listening to a mother yell at her kid while shopping. The worse scenario is when the mother, who tries to discipline her misbehaving child, receives judgment from everyone around her.

Children will disrespect. They can be disobedient. They whine, they hit, and they lie.

Disciplining your child when you are in public can be challenging. No parents would like to embarrass their own child in front of other people that they don’t know.

One of the simplest things to do to discipline a child is to be an example for them to follow. However, what if the parent cannot be a better leader for his or her child? Will their offspring follow the bad example that they set?

Are You a Good Example?

A Facebook user shares her experience during the opening of a famous supermarket in Pasig City. According to her, while the parents and their children were waiting in line in the cashier, some parents are allowing their kids to eat the food that they were supposed to pay. This is okay, considering that you intend to pay for your purchase. However, instead of including the food that they ate in the items they will be paying, these parents just threw the wrapper and packaging outside their cart.

From fruits to chips, there are a lot of unpaid items. According to the Facebook user, some merchandisers are complaining because there are many boxes of chicken missing but according to their records, there are only a few ones paid.

Pushing Each Other

What made the matters worse is that the supermarket’s management team is giving away free water as compensation to the long line. Because it is free, many people pushed each other just to get the water. The user got frustrated because one mother got angry at her because she moved slow.

Natulak pa ako ng isang nanay dahil namimigay ng free water e hindi ko alam na free pala yun e malapit sa akin si kuya na taga ***, hindi siya nakakuha sinabihan ako bagal bagal ko kasi.

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Posted by Mommy Blogger Pehpot on Sunday, April 22, 2018


It is saddening to know that some parents are not setting a good example for their younger children. Discipline starts in your home. If we want more well-mannered kids, let’s be a better example for them to follow.

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