Dra. Vicki Belo’s Tuesday Summer Outfit Earns Praises and Good Responses From Netizens

One of the most popular personalities in the Philippines, especially in the world of show business is Dra. Vicki Belo. When we talk about the famous doctor for the stars, other than her expertise in enhancing the beauty of people, we always think about her fashion sense.

Dra. Vicki is known to be a person with a great sense of fashion. Her outfits are always on point. She always never fail to get praises from her followers on social media. Many people love the way she dresses and carries herself. Many followers are always happy every time she’s posting something new on her social media accounts, especially if she’s twinning with her daughter, Scarlet Snow.

[Image Credit: Vicki Belo / Facebook]
Other than being a prominent doctor in the medical field, Dra. Vicki is also known for her healthy and younger-looking skin. Many people are looking up to how she is taking care of her beauty.

Recently, the celebrity dermatologist earned praises and good vibes from social media users. She posted a photo of her showing her Tuesday summer outfit that made many netizens envy her ageless beauty.

How do you dress up for a scorching Tuesday ? In bright colors and florals, of course ! Have a nice day , everyone.

The post garnered positive responses not only because of her eye-catching outfit but because of her beauty and how well she takes care of her skin.

[Image Credit: Vicki Belo / Facebook]
Not only that, many netizens feel that the famous doctor is getting more beautiful every day is because of her helping heart. It is not a secret that the Belo family is always helping those in need, especially children who are suffering from physical deformities. Some also expressed their gratitude to Dra. Vicki for being an inspiration for others and for bringing positive vibes to their lives.

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How about you? Who’s the famous celebrity who inspires you every day?

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