Daughter of Ambulant Vendor and Tricycle Driver, Lands Top 3 in CPA Board Exam

Eddielyn Morfe lands in the Top 3 of the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) board exam she took last May 2018 but her achievement is greatly highlighted by the fact that she came from a poor family.

While they can barely earn enough money to meet their daily needs, an ambulant vendor and her tricycle driver husband tried their best, anyway, to send their three children to school. Thankfully, their children understand the sacrifices they are making and made sure to do their best in their studies.

Photo credit: Eddielyn Morfe / Facebook

Eddielyn graduated magna cum laude from BS Accountancy at Isabela State University-Echague campus in Echague, Isabela. But she made her parents even prouder when she ranked third in the licensure examinations!

It was certainly an amazing feat, especially considering that only 28.92 percent of the takers (2,843 out of 9,830 examinees) actually passed the exams.

Just like most of the takers, Eddielyn was waiting both excitedly and apprehensively for the exam results to be released. When the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) announced that the results were out, Eddielyn checked the online results – and was rather shocked to find her name on the Top 10, specifically as the Top 3 exam taker!

As soon as she saw her name on the list, Eddielyn could not help but shed tears of joy as she hugged her mother.

Eddielyn will be signing a contract next week at an auditing firm in Metro Manila.

Photo credit: Eddielyn Morfe / Facebook

The new accountant expressed pride in her parents, saying she is proud to show the world that her father is a tricycle driver and her mother is an ambulant vendor.

She has all the reasons to be proud, of course. After all, a lot of poor folks don’t send their children to school, choosing instead to let them work to help with the family’s finances. Yet despite their poverty, her parents made sure to send her and her two siblings to school.

Congratulations, Eddielyn! Wishing you more success in life…

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