A Condominium in Mandaluyong Posts a New House Rule That People Find Discriminating

[Image Credit: Thinking Pinoy / Facebook]

Let’s face it: For busy parents, having a kasambahay in your house is a great help. A nanny helps you in getting your child ready in the morning, feeding them in the afternoon, and making sure they are ready to sleep at night. If you are a working parent, can you imagine leaving your child in your house without any adults to oversee their safety? Definitely not!

As much as these household helpers are helping us with dealing with childcare and keeping our homes in order, some people seem not to appreciate what they are doing for us.

Yesterday, Thinking Pinoy called out an elitist condominium in Mandaluyong because of their rules and regulations posted in their elevator. According to the poster, one of the condominium’s house rules prohibits maids, drivers, and delivery personnel from using the main elevator. Instead, they would need to use the service elevator.

The condominium also stated that any service crew members found not following the rules would need to pay a fine.

Lahat po tayo ay pantay-pantay. Hindi po tama ang ganitong mga patakaran na nagdi-discriminate sa ibang tao.

According to RJ Nieto, the controversial political blogger and handler of Thinking Pinoy, if the residents don’t want to engage with the staff, then they should stop hiring them in the first place.

Kasi po, tulad ng pasahod, mahalaga rin po para sa tao ang mabuhay ng may dignidad. Sa kasamaang-palad, nagiging mahirap po iyong makamit dahil sa mga patakarang tulad nito.

[Image Credit: Thinking Pinoy / Facebook]
The said viral photo created a lot of buzz on social media.

Many people agree that this discriminatory rule should be put to an end. After all, household helpers and drivers are making our lives easier and are making a huge impact in our lives.

See the photo here:


As of writing, the condominium’s management is yet to release their statement regarding the said house rule. Definitely Filipino is open to hearing their side.