Concerned Netizen Complains About a Public Hospital’s Lack of Urgency and Willingness to Help

Hospitals play a big role in the society. Medical institutions treat and help patients to recover while small hospitals and lying-in clinics assist elderly and pregnant women. Most healthcare institutions are equipped with specialized medical equipment as well as nursing staff and doctors to save lives and immediately respond to an emergency.

However, this may not be the case for a public hospital in Metro Manila. Unfortunately, there are some hospital employees who are neglecting and ignoring their patients, an action which is considered inappropriate for the objective of the institution.

A concerned netizen turned to Facebook to complain about a public hospital’s alleged lack of urgency, resulting to an increase in the suffering of the patients.

According to social media user Anthony Enriquez, the staff of a hospital in Parañaque City lacked the urgency that the patients need on times of emergency. In the photo that he shared, it can be seen that the patient sitting in a wheelchair looked frail and weak, with several bandages on his legs.

The patient looks uncomfortable as he remained seated in his wheelchair. He tried asking the public hospital for assistance or for a stretcher where he could lie down and rest but nobody gave him assistance.

[Image Credit: Anthony Enriquez / Facebook]
After waiting for a long time, the companion of the patient asked for an ambulance to bring them home since no taxis will accept them and they will not be admitted. The staff of the hospital had to call several barangay to borrow an ambulance since the one that they have cannot be used. Luckily, a barangay was able to lend them an ambulance.

After reading the story, many social media users lambasted the hospital due to their lack of urgency towards the patients. Some are calling out the government to act immediately while there are others who shared the same experience.

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