Check Your Money Before Leaving: Netizen Shares How a Series of Fake Banknotes Look Like

After the current Administration Duterte and the Bangkok Central ng Pilipinas implemented a new series of banknotes in the country, there were fewer instances of fake money. However, over the past few months, many people are experiencing irregularities with the usual Philippine bills.

[Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons]
A concerned netizen shared a series of bank notes, which, according to him are fake bills.

Facebook user Mikhael Britania Suzaku shared the different paper bills, composed of 1000, 500, and 50 pesos, which are considered fake.

[Image Credit: Mikhael Britania Suzaku / Facebook]
By first looking at the bills, you cannot easily tell that they are fake. These banknotes contain the serial numbers and the security threads that the real bills have. However, by taking a closer look at the watermarks, you can see that the faces look like as if they were drawn by a child.

[Image Credit: Mikhael Britania Suzaku / Facebook]
To make sure that you are getting a real Philippine paper bill, here are the things you need to do:

1. Check the color and the serial number. Compared to the real ones, counterfeit money appears to be lighter and brighter in color. Check for duplicate serial numbers too.

2. Feel the texture. The Philippine peso bills are made of cotton and abaca fibers to add to the security features. The real bill is subtly rough in texture while the fake ones will come out smoother.

3. Check the watermark. Try putting the white space of the bill against a light source and check the watermark. If it matches the image on the right side, that means it’s real.

4. Pay attention to the security thread.

[Image Credit: Mikhael Britania Suzaku / Facebook]
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This is a proof that even if something looks real, we should still take a closer look, just to be sure. It will not hurt to check thoroughly than losing your hard earned money, right?

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